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lecture bleh 11-29 - Realist Scarcity and Competition •...

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Global Issues Environment Human Rights and Global Civil Society Global Governance and International Institutions Democratic Peace Perspectives on Environment Identity- New vs Old ideas o Need more unified ways of identifying with each other I.E. In terms of planet earth or global citizenship Liberal- Collective Goods o We simply need to recognize the environmental resources/aspects as collective goods o My consumption of the good does not contrast with your consumption
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Unformatted text preview: Realist- Scarcity and Competition • Critical Theory- Capitalism Resources • Cropland (600 square meters or hocky rink per person to survive) o Developing countries spend most money on food • Fossil feuls- Oil: est. 85 mbd in 2009; 100 mbd in 2025. Gas use doubles by 2015 • Water- 1/5 world’s population without safe water, 2/5 without sanitation; river basins being destroyed • Biodiversity- whales, spotted owls • Wood- Saharan desert spreads...
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