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CN 2-15-11 - 2/15/11 World History: Revolutions in the...

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2/15/11 World History: Revolutions in the Spanish and Ottoman Empires Core and Periphery in Revolution We can see revolutions in Spanish America and Ottoman empire and say it is culimation of long term dependencies in Empires or we can say that they are aspects of the spread of the age of revolution in American and French revolution o We will look at them in the external factors of the revolution o Must be looked at in the context of overall age of Revolution The Spanish-American Revolutions Latin America is characterized by Spanish decline? o Spain was declining as European power since 1650s o Was replaced by preeminent global power by Britain and as a European power by France o What caused revolution was less Spanish Decline then Spanish emergence Spanish statesmen looked as the Empire as an underexploited resource They sought to expand the Spanish power It wasn’t impossible. It could be done but the resources of Empire had to be exploited more efficiently From mid 18 th century on you have increasing involvement from the Spanish government in administration, in the economy, in the institutions of Spanish America Not for good of Spanish Americans but for the efficient exploitation of American resources to rebuild Spain as a great power Just as the conflict between Britain and those of the American colonies were not preceeded by drawing apart but by drawing together, the same thing happens in Spanish America. o Results in tention between Peninsulares and Creoles Less thought of their country as Spain but as that place where they actually lived
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They would say “my fatherland is Mexico, it is where I was born, where I grew up, where I own land, where my fathers are buried” Increasingly these folks were thinking not in temrs of what is good for Spanish empire but what is good for countries where they live Increasingly when Peninsulares come over (there to raise money for king of spain) find themselves running into resistence from the Creoles who don’t actually care that much about the king of Spain any more When Spain becomes involved in the American revolution it is good for the Spanish Empire. o That’s good for the Empire o But if you’re living in the American colonies then you are now being attacked by Britain because of the mother country which you feel no connection to anymore o Further adds to tension between Spain and Colonies Spain able to keep empire for a number of reasons o Tensions between Peninsular and Creoles isn’t big Majority of colony is Mestizos or African or various other combinations o Tupac Amaru claimed to be descendant of Incan royal house and launched vast rebellion to restore Inca Defeated but reminded Creoles that their power is in their force o French Revolution further excites feelings amongst Creole elite o Creoles become more interested in a violent but necessary separation from Spain o Difficult, Spanish-American revolution will be different from the American
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CN 2-15-11 - 2/15/11 World History: Revolutions in the...

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