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CN 4-21-11 - World History An Age of Globalization...

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4/21/11 World History: An Age of Globalization Definition Adoption of more and more common characteristics of things across the globe Rise of international institutions taking an interest in affairs around the world Did not start yesterday o History of last 500 years has been a history of globalization o Globalization of war until we can speak of actual world war etc… o Globalization of population mass immigration o Religion Christianity and Islam o Power European dominance, bipolar cold war and finally age of American hegemony Accelerated in last few decades o All aware of global events not simply in terms of “that’s interesting” o But in awareness that events across the world can impact our lives Globalized Communications New technology o Cell phone Land line infrastructure were difficult to construct and maintain Phone s a luxury for most of the world but now that has changed with the cell Creation of a global network of telephones o Cable satellite TV It was limited by the strength of the broadcast signal You could live only a few miles away from broadcast tower and get a poor tv picture Led to a much wider distribution of such signals over a much larger area
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Your tv watching is longer shaped by your local stations o Create truly national and international broadcasting o Internet We expect massive new developments in this communication technology and information technology Impact of internet is not as much as global as cable or cell phones
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CN 4-21-11 - World History An Age of Globalization...

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