FINAL - World History The World in 1491 Pretty much nothing...

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Unformatted text preview: 1/11/11 World History: The World in 1491 Pretty much nothing happened in 1500 o Double zero faddism- the idea that any year ending in two zeros is important o Start from 1492 not 1500 Entire history of the last 515 years can not actually be taught too much is going on o Selective- on areas involving interactions between groups and civilizations o E.G.: protestant reformation- cath church loses control and shit We wont talk about it because in the 16 th century it is internal to a specific civilization No talk of the rise of Wang Yang Ming- internal important development blah blah o Contact between different civilizations How?: Kill them and take their stuff or they could kill you however you like to think about it There is trade as well we can swap and trade is an extremely important force in the world of early modern period Cultural influences World as it was in 1491 Society where people were forced to look for food. More diverse because they looked for food in many more different ways then us today o E.G; hunter gatherers o E.G: Pastoralism/ Nomadism If you live off herd animals you have to keep moving In 1491 HG was practiced in most parts of the world after this time it begins to get whipped out o Nomads doing better than HG because they were effective warriors But they are on the decline in this period Shift to guns is going to be bad news to the nomads o Problem is not poor food supply it can not support a lot of people You need a lot of room for nomadism/ HG Agriculture became dominate mode of life because you can concentrate to a smaller area Most people in 1491 primary task in life was to grow food out of the ground (peasants) Peasants best off in Africa and worst off in E.Europe Agricultural surplus-Concept of all civilization o Stable agriculture is important in 1491 o Grain needs to be saved to feed the farmer, to grow food for next year what is left is agricultural surplus Every person youve heard of in this period are parasites on the peasant taking the agricultural surplus Once you have agricultural surplus and the ag techniques improve you can think about having civilization o Cities- smaller than now biggest before industry is about 1,000,000 but you need a lot of fertile land for that Once you have this you can have a state, a government Every piece of land in the world is claimed by a state, owned by the state or administered by the state Not so in 1491 a lot of people lived outside any type of state organization...
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FINAL - World History The World in 1491 Pretty much nothing...

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