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ANTH 1002 1-14-11 - ANTH1002 January 14 What is society How...

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1/14/11 ANTH 1002 January 14 What is society? How do societies stay together when they have so much differences within them? How do societies stay together? Trace the intellectual lineage from Emile Durkheim to Marcel Mauss, and from Mauss to Lévi-Strauss. Emile Durkheim Father of Sociology/Anthropology o French born in Echinal, France,mid 1800;s Durkheim: Division of Labor in Society (1893) o His PhD dissertation o Asked how can multiplicity of individuals make up a society? How can we have a consensus on basic rules in order to live together o Interested in especially how modern, industrial societies remain solid So much differentiation Different religions, different classes HG society was much less differentiated Mechanical vs. Organic solidarity o Mechanical- solidarity of resemblance Society with as little differentiation as possible Coherence because not much differentiation Primitive society stay together because of mechanical solidarity
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o Organic- opposite Refers to the organism Parts of organism don’t resemble each other Each part serves a different function but form a unit Each essential to existence Modern society stay together because of organic solidarity o Ideal types Tendencies in social solidarity First to recognize even within Organic solidarity one can have pockets of mechanical solidarity EG: like steel worker union who have mechanical solidarity within the organic solidarity of society Even non-western society had different segments of units No group of people are on the extreme poles Collective Consciousness o Collective Consciousness – the beliefs and sentiments common to the average members of society o Must be some shared beliefs people have in order to stay together o Not different from individual consciousness Individuals in order to participate in society must be part of collective consciousness
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ANTH 1002 1-14-11 - ANTH1002 January 14 What is society How...

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