ANTH 1002 2-2-11

ANTH 1002 2-2-11 - Sociological Anthropology Durkheim said...

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2/2/11 Sociological Anthropology: Durkheim said that societies segment into different units how do they come together if they were segmented o Tied together in a territory this tie to territory is based on descent like a clan E. Edward Evans-Pritchard Look in Africa Two reasons: o Colonialism was still active How could they administer groups of people? Motivation to understand groups of people who is living where and when… Practical political side o Intellectual side How are societies structured? Rationality, Witchcraft; Azande (Southern Sudan; Northern Congo) 1940: Three books were published on African political systems: 1. African Political Systems (fortes, E-P, and preface by R-B) 2. The Nuer (E-P) 3. Political System of the Anuak (E-P) E-P conducted the first participant observation in Africa. E-P in the Sudan between 1926 and 1938; Issac Schapera, 45 months among the Tswana between 1929 and 1943. Nuer were dispersed: 200,000 Nuer over an area of 30,000 sq. miles They were interesting because they were so spread out o They were recovering from brutal pacification effort by British o Hostile to whites dangerous area
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Started by asking people what was important to them cattle were very important to them o You knew you were related to them because you could give and receive cattle o Needed cattle for everything It is something that pertains throughout Sub-Saharan Africa where cattle are numerous o You cannot marry until you get wealth you need to give to bride’s family Sometimes called bride price, or bride wealth Personally prefers to call it marriage payment There’s a back and forth between both groups on the brides and husband side There are a lot of payments… payments of sexual rights, payments of husband’s side to have rights to the offspring o You could sever the relationship and the genealogical ties if they don’t pay the feces and urine price o Greatest insult to pay to anyone is to have sex with them and not to pay them… “you are a worthless person” is what it says Cattle became main focus of his research o As well as the focus of many of peoples work after E-P o Like Sharon Hutchinson Acephalous How did they maintain any political coherence? Nuer have two seasons
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ANTH 1002 2-2-11 - Sociological Anthropology Durkheim said...

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