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ANTH 1002 2-4-11

ANTH 1002 2-4-11 - Sociological Anthropology The Nuer You=...

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2/4/11 Sociological Anthropology: The Nuer You= Metal thing 1930s, 1940s: C M C o Money is not yet seen as something of independent value Nuer did not see that money had value in and of itself Fetishism of commodities o Cattle led to money which could then be turned into cattle. Imagine you had money that could be spent only on cattle 1950s: British companies recruited migrant farmers in Nuerland: M C o Along nile river there was a huge growth in cotton plantations o British companies recrquited thousands of Nuer men to work on these plantations More than 15,000 migrant workers who would come to pick cotton There was the Anua, Dinka, etc that they could pick but British liked Nuer the best Reported the Nuer seemed happier at plantations than other groups o Men (Nuer) went as far north as Caroon where they would work as day laborers They could get enough money to buy a cow No longer did you have to get rid of a cow to get a cow, you could just get money and get a cow 1963-4: Civil War in Nuerland o All economic activity stopped o The cattle markets collapsed, grain markets collapse Gardens burned, cattle massacered o Many people moved into areas to fight with other forces
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A lot of people just fled o 40,000 Nuer had abandoned their homes An extremely large percentage of Nuer Became refugees A lot of Nuers in Minneapolis actually 1970s: C-M o 1971: peace agreement A lot of Nuer at that time became integrated into the national army/peaceforces This brings paper money Nuer were increasingly ready to accept paper money instead of cattle People started to use paper money to pay dowry Having money became a status symbol you went outside you weren’t a “homeboy” There was a joke that if a man came back from his stint doing work and his dog recognized him you should not have anything to do with that man o There became money lenders They treated money like it was cattle You wouldn’t give loan/cattle to just anyone you didn’t want to engage in commerce with just anyone o Careful about money Cattle were now used as investment which could bring money in the future o
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ANTH 1002 2-4-11 - Sociological Anthropology The Nuer You=...

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