ANTH 1002 2-9-11

ANTH 1002 2-9-11 - 2/9/11 Sociological Anthropology:...

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Unformatted text preview: 2/9/11 Sociological Anthropology: Sigmund Freud o There are people living very near to primitive man Primal Horde o Their mental life must have a particular interste in us if we see a well preserved picture of early states of our own development HG are like living fossils living past They can teach us a lot 90% of the time weve been around we have been HGs Forager is preferred to HG because it doesnt refer to difference between Hunting and Gathering which alludes sexual divisions o Men spend just as much time foraging as women do o Agriculture and pasturalism is rather recent o Anthropology look to HG to try and learn something about the distant past Characteristics that are central to HG societies have evolutionary significance o Features of HG society: 1. Egalitarianism- Human beings should have same level of wealth as everyone else Not difficult to achieve because of 2. Lack of ownership of any significant property 3. Small residence groups- they tend to live ins mall groups normally no more than 100 people 4. Absence of food surpluses- tend to live subsistence life No surplus of food because it would rot When large game is caught it means the whole community goes out to the kill, they dont bring it back. o Therefore we evolved in small residence groups, with few exclusive rights,...
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ANTH 1002 2-9-11 - 2/9/11 Sociological Anthropology:...

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