ANTH 1002 2-11-11

ANTH 1002 2-11-11 - 2/11/11 Sociological Anthropology...

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2/11/11 Sociological Anthropology Evans-Pritchard o Just like the Nuer, or the work Malinovsky did in Trobriands, his work remain important o It tells us something more fundamental How do we represent other people’s thoughts, modes of thought o Cultural translation- how ideas of groups of people have idea very different than ours Like there are some words that are in other languages, we don’t have words for in English Staircase wit Stermendram Han o How do you even translate a culture or a custom or belief o Made the Azande seem like bad scientists he doesn’t try to translate Doesn’t see th Azande as themselves. o There cannot be a dialogue or sharing without sharing ideas or common language Like “when I was in 7 th grade there was a boy Jerry who used to bully me; I don’t know why” The “when I was in 7 th grade” it says something about our education system, about how we split up our development There’s stuff like the word “bullying” which assumes that you know what bullying is There is so much going on in that sentence that you’d have to be in the same culture, speak the same language to get o We know from EP that things have changed significantly after he left But the witchcraft beliefs were something trending not like black leggings in the United states
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ANTH 1002 2-11-11 - 2/11/11 Sociological Anthropology...

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