ANTH 1002 2-13-11

ANTH 1002 2-13-11 - Sociocultural Anthropology Midterm...

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2/23/11 Sociocultural Anthropology: Midterm Friday Abu-Loghud Trying to distinguish herself from most ethnographist working in the Middle east She writes as a woman about women Most are men wriritn about politics She is trying to distinguish herself from her theoretical perspective (50) “I am less concerned whether the Bedouins… “ A lot of readings deal with kinship relations Azande reading In gift giving relationship to marriage Lele and Buschong She is really keying in on the way kinship ideology figures into every day social life If you are looking at ecological/political perspective You may be looking at patrilateral parallel cousin marriage in terms of wealth and what it’s practical purpose is for the Bedouins to practice it Cross cousin marriage tends to reinforce alliances outside group When you want to strengthen outside relationships you may work with cross-cousin marriage Or if you want to gain wealth you marry in endogamy (exogamy is marrying out) Someone not taking AL perspective may look at polyandry In every polyanderous society there is something that they all share which is a shortage of land Significant shortage of land So woman in Nepal marries three brothers and they rotate sexual access
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When they have a child the brothers aren’t competing because they don’t’ know who the father is They need kids but because there is shortage they don’t’ want a lot of kids how would you divide up land By having multiple husbands and one woman you decrease number of kids born They may look at polygamy which will increase fertility
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ANTH 1002 2-13-11 - Sociocultural Anthropology Midterm...

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