ANTH 1002 3-23-11

ANTH 1002 3-23-11 - Sociocultural Anthropology For many of...

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3/23/11 Sociocultural Anthropology: For many of disorders the change in recognition and awareness of these disorders comes form cultural factors You can trace increase in prevelance in melanoma to the 1920s when Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and other magazines advocate tan as beautiful o Also rise of availability of transportation Autism Spectrum Disorder o Impairments ranging form mild to severe in the following domains: 1. Social interaction Imparment of social skills Making appropriate eye contact 2. Verbal and nonverbal communication Many autistic people don’t speak at all Some speak a lot but not what you want them to talk about 3. Repetitive behavior or interests One aspect is playing with parts of objects Or objects which are not meant to be used in that way EX: one kid who likes to take apart ceiling fans o Just liked to take them apart not interested necessarily in how they work o o Makes it difficult to have a job, to be in settings you need to be in in order to lead a normal life Like taking care of own hygine etc A Few of the Many Myths o We know the incidence of autism No we know the prevalence (prevelance is a ratio at the time)
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Incidence is the rate of new cases over time Looking at new cases as well Incidence data can only be deterimed if you are able to know when a particular
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ANTH 1002 3-23-11 - Sociocultural Anthropology For many of...

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