ANTH 1002 3-30-11

ANTH 1002 3-30-11 - Sociocultural Anthropology WHO...

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3/30/11 Sociocultural Anthropology: WHO Schizophrenia Studies o First large scale effort to explore the role of social organization and culture in influencing the outcomes of a mental illness. Diagnostic Substitution o Genetic Disorders o Newer phenotypes People who are much higher functioning and verbal than would have been diagnosed earlier o Mental Retardnation Also people who are more lower functioning than would have been earlier diagnosed Diagnostic Net Widens o Age of Diagnosis Earlier- younger kids Later Brings more kids intot he group with the diagnosis Prevalence of Autism Among Children born in 1989, Minnesota o Prevalence increased with age o In the same cohort, prevalence rose every year up until age 15 13 in 10,000 at age 6 21 in 10,000 at age 9 33 in 10,000 at age 11 Same people followed over time Prevlance keeps going up and up Autism emerges at age 3
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These kids did not suddenly getting autism but are being diagnosed These kids are also given place holder who do not show up as having autism until they get into special programs Autism and the IDEA o First introduced during the 1991-2 school year o After 8 years, increases of several thousand percent in many states
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ANTH 1002 3-30-11 - Sociocultural Anthropology WHO...

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