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4/15/11 Sociocultural Anthropology: Anthropology is not just about judging others It is about using knowledge of others in order to reflect and critique ourselves We have difficulty seeing the way the concepts of national or ethnic identity are part of us o Some will think about these identities more than others o They may not think about it because they are part of the more priviliaged majority o It’s hard to see these tings because it is part of us. Our way of thinking How do we get to the point where a piece of cloth comes to represent an individual as well as a nation o Where the individual has become salient o The individual asserts his/her independent, free will and democratic spirit through a
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Unformatted text preview: series of representatives that are part of a national narrative o Nation comes from the word native which comes from the word “natal” • Even greater cruealty besides just an individual in exile a whole people become ethnicity • Nationalism did not exist before the 18 th century • Primordialism- common blood or biological ties o Those who oppose are either called circumstantialists or instrumentalists Thatmeans that people my ahtink about their identities in biological ties but there is no identity outside of historical sense o Notion there is some kind of congruity, blood, custom, language, location, this has a power over you...
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