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Section 7 - Individual and Moving Range Charts UGA FDST 4090/6090 - (c) W.C. Hurst 2010 1 Individual (x) and Moving Range (MR) Charts William C. Hurst FDST 4090/6090 (2010) Individual and Moving Range Charts ADVANTAGES: Used Individual plottings may be easier for production personnel to understand, providing a direct comparison with specifications Individual (x) charts monitor single measurements for process average; MR charts monitor successive sample variability Using x or MR Charts DISADVANTAGES: Data Individual charts are not as sensitive to process change as Average (x-bar or x ) and Range (R) charts Distribution of Individuals and Averages n=5 n = 1 n = 5 Problem #1 The sanitary level of flume wash water is of great importance in the fresh-cut produce industry, since this water is re-circulated and constitutes a HACCP Critical Control Point (CCP). A technician collected the data shown on your worksheet for chlorine concentration over a 21 hour production period at a fresh-cut plant.
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07-Individual%20and%20Moving%20Range%20Charts-BW - Section...

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