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MIBO 3000: Chapter 9 Study Microbial Growth Cell Growth For an individual cell, growth is ________________________. o This growth involves the synthesis of new structures like cell wall components, and new catalysts like ____________________ and _____________________. Although most prokaryotes divide by binary fission , some can also use budding and multiple fission. Compare and contrast these three division mechanisms: Binary fission Budding Multiple fission Asexual reproduction Steps: DNA replication each DNA strand (there are now two) attaches to the cell membrane the cell elongates and separates the two DNA strands the cell undergoes cytokinesis (“pinches in” in the middle) creating two identical daughter cells This “pinching in” involves the inward growth of a _________ Which protein is involved in septation? Asexual reproduction Similar to binary fission but the daughter cell is much smaller than the mother cell This “bud” then enlarges until it reaches approximately the size of the mother cell Often involved in creating spores Mother cell grows until it is many sizes bigger than a baby cell; it then undergoes multiple rounds of division w/ o any additional growth Seen in mycelial organisms Growth Rate Define: o Generation time o Interdivision time How can you incorporate interdivision time
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Ch9 Study Guide - MIBO3000:Chapter9Study MicrobialGrowth...

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