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Ch11 Study Guide - • Circle the correct answer o...

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MIBO 3000: Chapter 11 Study Guide Microbial Behavior and Development Tactic Behavior Define tactic response : o Why would a bacterium use tactic behavior? (What type of stimuli would a bacterium want to move toward or away from?) What is the difference between a run and a tumble ? o What causes tumbling? o How is tumbling frequency related to attractants ? What is the difference between a positive and a negative response? Some organisms implement tactic responses by changing direction only when conditions become unfavorable. Other cells implement tactic responses with a directed random walk or a biased random walk . What is the difference between a directed random walk and a biased random walk? Endospores Why are endospores considered cryptobiotic ? What are some of the triggers of sporulation? Define quorum sensing . Know the 6 stages of sporulation. Endospore development depends on the sequential action of ___________ __________ in both the mother cell and forespore.
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Unformatted text preview: • Circle the correct answer: o Permanent changes are made in the DNA of the mother cell/forespore during sporulation. Do these changes affect progeny cells? • Know the three steps of germination Fruiting Body Formation and Sporulation in Myxococcus • What is a fruiting body ? • What are the 2 distinct nutritional categories of Myxobacteria and how do they differ from one another? • How can Myxobacteria kill other microbes and why would they do so? • What are the 2 systems of gliding motility that Myxobacteria utilize? Describe each system and how they differ from one another. o What are the two essential structures used for social motility? • What is aggregation and how is it triggered? • Within a fruiting body, there are two subpopulations. Name these subpopulations and what their eventual fate is. Why do the yellow cells lyse? • What is the purpose of a fruiting body?...
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Ch11 Study Guide - • Circle the correct answer o...

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