SG6 - MIBO 3000: Chapter 6 Study Guide Viruses and Other...

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MIBO 3000: Chapter 6 Study Guide Viruses and Other Acellular Entities Basic Viral Characteristics Viruses alternate between two states in their life cycle: o The intracellular, or _______________________________ state o The _________________________, a biologically inert structure located outside a host cell Define capsid : What is the difference between a capsid and a nucleocapsid ? Characteristics of capsids: o Viral capsids are usually symmetrical Two symmetrical forms are most common. Name them: o What is a binal capsid and what type of viruses have them? Some viruses can be enveloped or non-enveloped (naked) o Define envelope : o How are viral envelopes created? Viral Genetics Some viruses can have as little as three genes or as many as several hundred—it’s all dependent on the type of virus being studied! o Pox viruses tend to be the largest types of viruses, while naked viruses tend to be some of the smallest Why are viral genomes so much smaller than bacterial/eukaryotic genomes? Although viruses have a very small genome, they DO (almost always) possess 4 different types of genes. List these types of genes: A replicating form of a virus requires the combination of genomes of the virion itself and the _________________. Also note that the basic structure of the genome of a given virus is constant o An RNA virus in one organism is an RNA virus in a different organism
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Types of Viral Genomes 1. dsDNA a. dsDNA mRNA b. These viral genomes are similar to a bacterial DNA—the DNA starts out double stranded, and the template strand is used to create complementary mRNA that, through translation,
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SG6 - MIBO 3000: Chapter 6 Study Guide Viruses and Other...

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