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PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING (§501-Honors) MKTG 350 FALL 2011 Updated: 13 September 2011 Professor : David Crockett, Ph.D. E-mail : Office : BA 375 Phone : 777-4916(office), 7-6074 (department) Meeting Time : M, W 2:00-3:15pm Office Hours : TBD (and by appointment) Meeting Place : BA 350 Textbook Webite: I. Required Text Perreault, Cannon, and McCarthy (2008), Essentials of Marketing: A Marketing Strategy Planning Approach, Eleventh Edition . Burr Ridge, IL: Irwin/McGraw-Hill, Inc. (E-book purchase and rental options are available.) II. Course Description and Objectives This course is primarily, but not exclusively focused on the marketing function within organizations such as businesses, governments, and social enterprises (e.g., non-profit organizations). In order to successfully complete the course students will be able to demonstrate mastery of the following five objectives: Objective 1 : the broad array of activities that fall within the domain of marketing; Objective 2 : the role of marketing in society, and particularly the economy, as well as its interaction with important social, ethical, and legal issues; Objective 3 : marketing concepts and terms prevalent in the field; Objective 4 : basic problems and decisions that confront organizational decision-makers along with the methods and tools used to aid in decision-making; Objective 5 : ability to complete subsequent coursework in the business curriculum, which assumes a solid foundation in marketing. III. Course Content The course material will be presented primarily as lectures, but will also include cases and other materials that will cover a wide array of topics not limited to those in the required text. It is assumed that students will have completed assigned reading prior to class. An outline of topics and reading assignments is provided. However, students should note that I retain the right to change topics or adjust the time allotted to a particular topic from time to time. Though the course is lecture-based it is imperative that students come to class prepared to question and discuss the material. To that end you will find that the class participation portion of your grade is perhaps more significant than in some of your other courses.
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IV. Important Dates Session C002, Fall 2011 General Dates Session begins: Thursday, 18 August 2011 Session ends: Friday, 02 December 2011 Academic Deadlines Last day to drop/add or change credit/audit: 24 August 2011 First day "W" grade assigned: 25 August 2011 Last day "W" grade assigned: 13 October 2011 Last day to apply for 100% refund: 24 August 2011 Fall break-no classes: 20-21 October 2011 Thanksgiving recess-no classes: 23-27 November 2011 Commencement in Columbia: 12 December 2011 Final Exam : Wednesday, December 7 @ 2:00 p.m. V.
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syl-f12-501 - PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING (501-Honors) MKTG 350...

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