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ethics - “looks” discrimination People are going to be...

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Ethics case 35 09/13/2011 1. The legal issues in the case are A&F hiring people based on race, color, 2. My evaluation of the concept of the “A&F” look is a white male or female with a well-toned body and blonde hair and blue eyes with plaid on. I have definitely observed this concept and practice personally. I see them when I walk in the store and I saw the look when I visited the website. 3. The employment practices are discriminatory because they are hiring based on looks and not qualifications. “Good looks” also takes color into account for them. I did not see one beautiful black person on their website. This makes it unfair. Since they did not admit guilt there is no closure to this issue of
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Unformatted text preview: “looks” discrimination. People are going to be constantly suing them. 4. A&F can hire people without mentioning the “look.” This would not make it sound so ugly. They should also concentrate on hiring the demographic of young people and not just young white people. 5. I drew the line when they made their black employees work in areas where they cannot be seen. They would get more sales if they had black people in the lobby because then they(black people) would be able to relate to their brand. They could push the look of their brand through the clothes. Hiring models are okay because they come in every race. This way I think it would be acceptable. I find nothing wrong in hiring good-looking and well groomed people....
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