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Implicit Association Test Assignment a. I took the Gender-Science IAT and the Religious IAT. The results on the gender-science IAT did not surprise me at all. The results said that I have a strong association of Male with Science and Female with Liberal Arts compared to Female with Science and Male with Liberal Arts. It did not surprise me because in my day to day life, I do witness that more males are in positions of engineering, mathematics, and technology. For example when I go to stores specializing in computers and technology, I see more males than females working there. Therefore, my own experiences influenced me to choose associations of science with males more than associations of science with females. The results of the religious IAT surprised me totally. The results showed that I believe Christianity to be more negative than positive considering I consider myself to be a strong believer of the Christian faith. The other religions along the more positive spectrum I will not say I have a problem with because I do not, but saying that I believe
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