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Psych 4600 Assignment 2 socialization

Psych 4600 Assignment 2 socialization - Reflections on...

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Reflections on Gender Socialization When I was growing up, I was socialized by my grand-mother. My mom didn’t socialize me a great deal because I spent a lot of time with my grand-mom and she would always take me and my sister shopping and buy the both of us things. I bring this up because my grandmother would buy my twin sister and I only dresses to wear and girly sandals to go with our new dress. She would always buy girly items like perfumes and purses for me and my sister to wear when we were little. My grandmother bought us pink everything—dresses, shoes, the dolls she bought wore pink; and pink hair bows for our hair. My mom bought me and my sister clothing and toys and things but she let us decide what we wanted to wear and what we wanted to play with. To describe a time when someone did not follow the usual gender expectations was when my sister and I were in grade school 15 years ago. My twin sister is considered a tom-boy to this day. Her name is Tiara. Tiara always wanted to play outside with our three older brothers and
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