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Reading Response: Second-Wave Feminism From reading the passages by Betty Friedan and that of Chief Justice Harry A. Blackman’s majority opinion in the Roe v. Wade decision, my question then became how would someone like Betty Freidan and other strong women’s activists and feminists have responded to the Roe v. Wade decision? To answer this question, I refer back to Betty Freidan’s statement of purpose of the National Organization of Women and her ideas about what NOW stood for and compare them to the issue at hand which was abortion at the time and discuss how they relate to one another. I will take for example the idea of abortion and what it actually meant to an organization like NOW. Because NOW stood for the equality and empowerment of women equal to that of men and the hopes that women could make their own decisions in response to the economic, social, political, and personal issues that surrounded their everyday lives and their families in order to promote a better living in America, I would conclude that it would not have
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Unformatted text preview: been a problem for NOW members and supporters to aid in the fight for the right of women to receive a safe, non-hazardous, and soon-to-be legal procedure that terminated an unwanted pregnancy considering that the mother knowingly and fully understood the procedure being done and the consequences of her actions, if any afterwards. If not carrying a baby to full term caused the mother to prevent herself from being physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically unstable after having the baby, then supporters of NOW would and should have been able to understand and support the important and serious cause of a woman’s well-being and health. After all, NOW supporters and feminists during the time stood for empowering, strengthening, and uplifting women in all four ways mentioned above and anything or anyone that contributed to anything contrary to that would have hindered their efforts....
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