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Essay 2 CMLT 2500

Essay 2 CMLT 2500 - Assimilation of Andr Aciman and Isaac...

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Assimilation of Andrè Aciman and Isaac Singer by Means of Exile Andrè Aciman and Isaac Singer are exiles forced to make a living in New York City. Aciman, an exile from Alexandria, and Singer, an exile from Poland, both experience exile but choose different routes in incorporating assimilation into their works. In “Shadow Cities,” Aciman chooses to deal with exile by moving to New York and assimilating to its way of life by examining New York’s environmental structures, buildings and natural scenery. Singer, however, deals with exile in New York by not assimilating to the culture of New Yorkers by indulging in his work demands and passing much of his time with friends from the cafeteria . While Aciman assimilates into New York, Singer distances himself from New York. Aciman assimilates a great deal in the city of New York; every day he walks the streets of New York hoping to observe things that fosters his imagination and ability to remember what was and what is in his life. He looks at old ladies to reminisce about the 1950’s New York City he once
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