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Final Project CMLT 2500 - long distances away I wanted to...

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The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love by Oscar Hijuelos I decided to paint a picture that captured a scene of Cuba since the story The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love features the musical talents of Cesar, a Cuban musician and his Mambo band. The term Mambo has historical origins in Cuba and Haiti and was originally a dance form that later turned into music form. Cuba is filled with lush royal palm trees, ancient buildings resembling antique style finishes and ovular shaped windows which is illustrated in my painting. The cars are 1940’s vintage masterpieces which you can easily spot coming down the street in a variety of colors. This piece has two sides. The first side depicts the edifices that can be seen in a Cuban town: large open ovular windows that have an antique feel to them; lush palm trees shading over large areas and the most unique component are the old school cars that are recognizable from
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Unformatted text preview: long distances away. I wanted to use earth tone colors like brown, green, and orange to capture the sense of outdoors in plain fields. The other side of the painting is the night life of New York City in which Cesar and the Mambo Kings are accustomed. The Mambo Kings are scheduled to play at a local night club and right below is a newspaper headline that reads: BALLROOM ROBBER DIES IN POOL OF BLOOD; this is what happened at the end of the story. I also put a Cuban flag in the upper left hand corner to add cultural significance to the drawing. I used acrylic paint and oil pastels in my illustration because I wanted to use more than just one texture. The two sides of the art work tie in to the Mambo Kings because they are relevant to their familial culture and historical musical talents as well....
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