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Unformatted text preview: FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering CEG-5065C – Geotechnical Dynamics Fall 2009 – Course Parameters Learning Objectives: The student will study the dynamic loads that affect structures within soils and rocks, such as foundations, tunnels, etc. These loads originate from many sources, such as earthquakes, explosives, heavy machinery, mining, wave actions, heavy traffic, etc. The behavior of the soils and rocks is much more complex under dynamic loads that the traditional analysis that assume simple equivalent static conditions. This course provides the principles of vibrational systems and the propagation of waves in elastic media. From these principles, the course develops methods to analyze seismic loads and the effects of vibrations upon foundations. The consequences of dynamic loads upon soils are further studied with its effects upon the bearing capacity, settlement, the liquefaction of soils and the weakening of deep foundations and...
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