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Quiz #7 This is a take-home quiz. Accepting a take-home quiz means that you pledge to yourself to be honest and do the quiz alone. The grade is highly dependent on the quality of your drawing, and the clarity of your calculations (in Math Type found in WORD). When finished, transmit to me your WORD file plus your AutoCAD file via e-mail before Wednesday, 2400 hours, 21 July. A clay stratum 20 feet thick is sandwiched between two sand strata, each 12 feet thick. The WT is at the surface of the ground. The entire ground surface has been quickly loaded with a large surcharge, in order to initiate the consolidation of the clay stratum. The surcharge load is a sand layer with a unit
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Unformatted text preview: weight of 118.9 pcf. The surcharge has been raise to a height of 35 feet. You have performed some field tests, and determined that after 3 months: (1) The surface of the original ground has settled 2.36 inches; (2) The pressure at mid-clay stratum is now 3,955 psf. Find: a) The mean consolidation; b) The coefficient of vertical consolidation c v in m 2 /year; c) The edometric modulus E m ; d) The difference in settlement between 3 and 6 months. Draw the figure in AutoCAD, with pastel colors. Show all the information described above, and include basic dimensions. Perform your calculations in Math Type....
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