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MET4994_5994_Final_Exam_Review_S11 - MET 4994 Remote...

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MET 4994 Remote Sensing: Radar and Satellite Meteorology/MET5994 Remote Sensing in Meteorology Spring 2011 Final Exam Review, Apr. 20, 2011 p. 1 of 2 The exam will be on Monday April 25, 2011. It will be a close book exam. Exam composition: 40% fill in the blank with multiple choices (40 questions); 60% Sketch, Explain, Brief Essay, or Solving Problems (total 8 questions including one challenging question). No derivations, no complicated calculations. Majority of the questions are explanatory and based on notes online. You will have whole 90 minutes. We will begin promptly at 10:30AM and end at 12:00 PM. Bring pencils, erasers, and a scientific calculator (calculator may or may not be needed only for the challenging question). LECTURE 1-19: Please refer to mid-term exam review. In the final exam, there will be 20-30% of questions cover the materials in Lecture 1-19. These questions will be mainly from the mid-term exam, but several of them are brand new. LECTURE 20: Doppler Effect 1. What is Doppler effect? Explain how the frequency shift is caused by the movement of the target.
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