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1. Compare and contrast the United States view and European views on the Tax Burden. Many of the united states political campaign focus on the tax burden, however, nations of western Europe have considerably higher taxes and are less hostile toward them because they see themselves directly benefiting from government programs. In many of the European nations medical care is inexpensive, as is college education and various government programs. 2. What is Kloby’s argument for how poverty and unemployment may be seen as encouraging crime? Poverty, inequality, unemployment, and other factors combine to create social circumstances that breed crime. Lack of dignified work and the accompanying social stigma can be a devastating blow to the human psyche and one’s sense of self of steam. Poverty encourages crime, according to Kolby because it serves as a social situation that may instill the victim with despair, rage, and other powerful emotions that may trigger violence and crime. 3. Analyze cross-national differences in maternity leave policies and how these are an important indicator of well-being. Include some details about 2 or 3 countries’ policies to argue your point. The U.S. maternity leave policy allows new mothers twelve weeks leave to have her baby without pay. More progressive countries like Finland and Sweden make sure their new mothers are taken care of. In Finland mother get twelve month paid maternity leave and in Sweden the mother is allowed to shorten their workweek by two hours per day until the kid is ten years old. Italy requires five months leave and full pay.
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4. What are the five stages of modernization theory and what is at least one critique of Rostow’s stages? 1.The Traditional Society 2. Preconditions for takeoff 3. The
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1.18.11CompQ&A - 1 Compare and contrast the United...

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