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136A Final PAPER - Joseph Wallace Soc 136A Wed-10:00am...

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Joseph Wallace Soc 136A Wed-10:00am 12/7/10 Final Exam Part 1: The main story is launched on line 6 as Viv says, “well what happened was…” Shane then comes in on line 8 to assist the story telling proclaiming “oh yea it was bad”. Line 8 is Shane’s way confirming that it is the start of the story and that the others should begin listening to the upcoming story. Viv completes her original TCU on line 9 when she explains “and they were rotten” after being previously interrupted by Shane. Her story continues on line 12 when Viv says “So they said go back and pick another bag.” And after a brief pause by Viv, Shane jumps back in assisting the storytelling and explains that “all the bags were rotten and they all smelled” Shane is jumping in any chance he gets to assist the story because he was there in the market with Viv. He is adding more detail to the story that Viv otherwise left out making it easier for the others to comprehend and enjoy. We see the first reception to the story in line 18 when Nancy says “Oh God”. This line by Nancy shows that she comprehends the story and believing it to be quite interesting and unusual. It is clear that Michael is engaged in the story as he shows his reception by simply asking in line 22, “Where did you shop?” Michael’s involvement in the story shows that he is interested and is curious to know more about the setting. He also might want this information for his own benefit so he knows where not to shop.
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However, Viv ignores Michaels question and continues on her story. Michael again try’s to ask where they were shopping and he is again ignored until Viv finally finishes he story with “and we walked out”. Shane eventually answers Michael’s question when he states, “we went to Alpha Beta.” Nancy again shows she is following along and receiving the story when she nods to Viv on line 27. This story told by Viv is brought about by the previous talk by the two couples eating at the dinner table. In line 4 Shane proclaims that he “can’t get this thing mashed,” referring to the potatoes they were all served. The conversation turns to how hard the potatoes are and Viv explains, “They were big. That’s why. I mean really big.” Viv, who cooked the potatoes, is giving an explanation as to why they might be undercooked. Nancy agrees with Viv on like 5 saying, “Yeah where did you get those. God their huge.”
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136A Final PAPER - Joseph Wallace Soc 136A Wed-10:00am...

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