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2008 Red Shirt

2008 Red Shirt - bats I never played in a league game nor...

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Dear NCAA Rules Committee, Below you will find the facts and circumstances under which I am applying for a red shirt for my 2008 season. During my 2008 season I had very limited playing time due to a lingering elbow injury which I ultimately had operated on at the end of the season. Over the course of the season we played 540 innings. Of those 540 innings, I played in 10 of them and had 9 at
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Unformatted text preview: bats. I never played in a league game nor did I travel to any league games. The playing time noted above occurred between 2/22/08 and 4/12/08. My elbow grew increasingly worse as the season wore on and eventually resulted in the surgery shown in the attached report. Thank you in advance for allowing a red shirt for the 2008 season. Sincerely, Joseph Wallace...
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