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Joe Wallace Assignment #3 Mr. James Troxel Ace Assignment # 3 Everyday I have arguments with my friends who play other sports about who’s sport is harder to play and why. This is an endless debate that people can argue forever. However I do strongly believe that the hardest thing to do in sports is to hit a baseball. People who have never played baseball will truly never understand what it is like, but people get paid millions of dollars each year to be successful in hitting the baseball just three times out of ten at bats. Hitting is an art and for the most part if you are not perfect with your mental and physical approach to hitting, you will fail. You stand up there while the pitcher does everything he can to throw it past you while you have no idea what pitch is coming or where. And even when you put a good swing on the ball, but you just
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Unformatted text preview: pull your shoulder out a little or drop your hand just a centimeter, you fail most every time. You have to be so focused and ready to go each pitch and if you are not, the pitcher will make you look like a fool. Most people don’t know what 90 miles per hour looks like, but if they saw a baseball coming that fast and were expected to hit it, I think they would tend to agree with me. If you even blink when your not supposed to the ball will be by you before you could get the bat off your shoulder. Not to mention this is a moving object sometimes moving up and down, side to side, and even both at the same time. There is nothing else in sports that even compares to the amount of focus and skill it takes to hit a baseball successfully....
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