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Joe Wallace English102 Professor Walker Annotated Bibliography Andrews, David, and Steven Jackson. Sport Stars, The cultural politics of sporting celebrity . London: Routledge, 2001 A very interesting Article appeared in this book dealing with the globalization of sports and the migration of athletes to the United States especially in baseball. In this case, the athlete is Hideo Nomo, an all-star pitcher who moved from Japan to play Major League baseball for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Nomo proved to be very successful and was one of the first Japanese players to be successful in the United States. Nomo fever struck Japan and the nation became fascinated by his every move. This led to a rapid rise in satellite dish purchases and long trips to southern California just so Japanese people could stay in constant contact with him. What is interesting is the fact that the Japanese people were not upset he left his own country to play elsewhere. Instead they adored him and all became huge baseball fans to say the least. Bloom, Barry. "Diversity in baseball remains priority." 01 Feb 2007 02 Mar 2008 < In this article, Bloom focuses on the fact that Major League Baseball has done a lot for equality movement that we have struggled for so long with in this country. He mentions the Inaugural World Baseball Classic and how it brought so many countries of so many different peoples to the same place to play a game they all love. Major League Baseball planed to play its first Civil Rights game in Memphis, the city in which Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. The Article discusses some of the other actions MLB is taking to ensure that baseball is as diverse as it can be. “Diversity is very important to the industry of baseball, as I've said many time before, baseball integrated before the public schools and before the armed forces…” Baseball has obviously played a huge roll in bringing
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Annotated Bibliography - Joe Wallace English102 Professor...

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