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Assignment #3 BIO - cold, but either way the weather in...

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Joe Wallace Bio 100 sec 004 9/9/08 Assignment #3 Throughout different parts of the world there are different terrestrial biomes that are vastly different from one another. The two that I decided to focus on are Deserts and the Tundra. In a way a desert and tundra may look a little alike due to the lack of plant and wildlife in those areas. Deserts have a very low amount of moisture, less than 7 centimeters per year in fact. Not all deserts are extremely hot, some are actually very
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Unformatted text preview: cold, but either way the weather in deserts is usually very extreme. On the other hand, the Tundra is covered with permafrost, which means the land is frozen and extremely hard. The permafrost plays a key roll in the tundra and it actually allows some grass to grow out of it giving it a different look than a desert. Tundra are usually very cold and windy and it is a rare place to see an abundance of wildlife....
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