Bio Journal #3

Bio Journal #3 - condition and healthy lungs Some of the...

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Joe Wallace Bio 100 Sec 004 Borgeson Journal # 3 “Flight of the Penguins: Rescuers return wayward birds home” By Marsha Walton Oct 8, 2008 CNN In Brazil, 373 Magellanic Penguins were rescued, rehabilitated and the released back into the wild after a shortage of their normal food supply left stranded. Thousands of miles from their normal feeding grounds, the penguins were loaded up on a cargo plane and flown back to the coast where they then proceeded to march back into the sea. Usually there are never this many penguins stranded but because of the lack of food, the penguins grew weak and could not go on so hundreds were left behind. This was a huge challenge for animal conservation groups as explained by Carlos Garcia “Fewer than 20 penguins usually wash ashore, but with such a large number, we had to really understand their biology and learn how to treat them." The groups learned how to stabilize the animals and to feed them and give them proper care. Before the penguins were let loose back into their natural habitat, they had to make specific requirements like good body
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Unformatted text preview: condition and healthy lungs. Some of the birds that were in danger are still being cared for while others that were released all have bands on their feet so scientists can track them easily and learn more about their migratory habits. One question I would like to find out is why was the penguins food supply so low this year forcing so many of them to stray from their intended paths. It is interesting that the conservation groups had to learn specifically how to feed and take care of the penguins. The conservation groups had to learn the biology specific to the penguins in order to make the rescue a successful one. Although scientists do not know what specifically caused the birds to have a shortage in food, the main theory is that over fishing caused this event to take place. If it were not for human intervention the situation would have become much more severe than its finally turned out to be....
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Bio Journal #3 - condition and healthy lungs Some of the...

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