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Bio Lab 4 - DNA Isolation and Use in Forensic Analysis Joe...

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DNA Isolation and Use in Forensic Analysis Joe Wallace Biology 100 Section 4 Lab Partners: Joelle Dalke Shaun Cahlan Matt Shuckerow Lane Zaubi Day of Lab: Nov 17, 2008 Lab Due: Nov 24, 2008 Instructor: Kevin Badik
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Part 4A: Forensic DNA: The Crime scene was first uncovered at the Nevada Baseball team’s locker room. The Mascot for the baseball team was found dead laying in a pool of blood on the bathroom floor in the locker room. However, blood was also found on the doorknob leaving the locker room where the mascot was found dead. The team’s manager, Link, was the first one to find the mascot. The only people at the field during the time of the murder were the manager Link and the trainer Woody. Both Link and Woody were taken down to the police station for questioning regarding the murder of the mascot. The interviewer noticed bandages on the hands of both Link and Woody. Link said the bandages were from an ironing accident, and woody insisted they were caused by a scissor accident when he was in the training room. Blood samples have been retrieved from both Link and Woody, which were sent to the lab for testing to compare it to the blood on the doorknob. To identify forensic DNA we used gel electrophoresis to obtain the results. First, an agarose gel was cast. The gel hardened with a comb in it, and when the comb was removed after approximately ten minutes, testing wells were visible (Borgeson 2007). Once the gel has hardened, buffer was poured over the surface and ready for the DNA.
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Bio Lab 4 - DNA Isolation and Use in Forensic Analysis Joe...

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