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CH Essay #2 - Wallace 1 Joe Wallace Alison Berry...

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Wallace 1 Joe Wallace Alison Berry CH201-Mardock 10/2/08 Attributes of A Hero Many people are asked the question, what do you look for in a hero? Each culture has different standards for what a hero is, however, many of the same qualities, which are mandatory to be considered a hero, have stayed the same throughout time. In our post 9/11 American culture, it means something great to be a hero. What qualities do these heroes’ have that set them apart from the rest? One who possesses certain leadership qualities and will always rise to the occasion when faced with adversity. This person is one who is admired by the entire community and thrives in times of need. In the epic poem the Odyssey , Odysseus, the main character is in ways the epitome of a hero. He displays many of the qualities all leaders and heroes possess. Odysseus becomes a hero not only by using his muscles to defeat his opponents, but also his natural wit to overcome many of the obstacles he is faced with in his journey back to his homeland. There are many instances in the
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CH Essay #2 - Wallace 1 Joe Wallace Alison Berry...

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