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Wallace 1 Joe Wallace Alison Berry CH 201-Mardock 11/24/08 The Appeal of Christianity Christianity has become one of the most recognized, powerful, and celebrated religions in the world. Since its beginnings, it has transformed from a group of twelve disciples who followed Jesus to an internationally recognized religion that emphasizes a particular lifestyle for its believers. Christianity has altered the course of history by offering a simple, non-exclusive philosophy of hope for those willing to accept its teachings. Through the teachings of rebirth, cleansing the sins of the past, and seeking a humble life following the Bible, Christianity has developed and maintained itself by offering hope of a blessed afterlife and a cleansed soul in exchange for ultimate commitment. Christianity revolves around traditions that are the key to understanding the teachings and foundations that contributed to its spread and continued existence. To a great extent, the Christian model was borrowed from the early Hebrew Bible. Jews and Christians rely on the same stories for their teachings. From Abraham to Moses, the teachings of the Hebrew Bible are important aspects of Christianity. The great flood in Genesis represented a new beginning for mankind, and for Christians, it established a representation of the new beginning that men can have through Christ. “God said to Noah, ‘This is the sign of the covenant that I have established between me and all flesh that is on the earth” (Coogan OT 22).
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Wallace 2 While both Jews and Christians follow the teachings of the Old Testament, the course to a new beginning is drastically different between the two and diverges in the New Testament. In the roots of Christianity, there is a necessity of a passionate faith in God. It is their belief that the prophecies of the Old Testament’s Messiah were fulfilled with the coming of Jesus. This differs considerably from other religions and is a reason that Christianity thrives. Christians feel that the only way to Heaven is through Jesus.
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CH Essay #4 - Wallace 1 Joe Wallace Alison Berry CH...

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