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CH paper - and how to cope with its inevitability They...

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Joe Wallace Alison Berry CH201.25 10/29/08 Title Most every mortal being would prefer term living than dying when it comes to their journey through life. From the time one is born, they begin to inch ever closer to their death. Most people nowadays shy away from the subject of death, yet some Greek and Roman philosophers and thinkers wrote about and considered the prospect of death. Through some of their thoughts on the subject, they began thinking about the purpose behind the unease associated with death’s approach. Two such philosophers, Marcus Cicero and Marcus Aurelius, agree on numerous themes on death, and the understanding of mortality. However, due to his more positive and realistic outlook on the subject of death, Marcus Cicero’s evaluation is most understandable. Marcus Aurelius and Marcus Cicero discuss the matter of death to a great extent
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Unformatted text preview: and how to cope with its inevitability. They each give different perspectives on the subject and give valuable advice for any being facing their end. Both Aurelius and Cicero consider a successful life not by how one lives their life, but how one dies. However, Aurelius seems to explain men more as dying rather than living. Aurelius claims, “even while a thing is in the act of coming into existence, some part of it has already ceased to be” (EL 174). He goes on to describe man as a part of nature, explaining that death is just another part of life like birth. In his opinions on the subject as a whole, it is clear that Aurelius considers the value of man as a part of a whole, yet describing man as somewhat insignificant....
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CH paper - and how to cope with its inevitability They...

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