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Myth - collective dreams of a culture, not necessarily true, not fact Etiology - the way things came to be as they are Pentateuch - name for the bible Additive Thinking - Oral story written down…. in Genesis-“and he said it was good” Mnemonic Device - Something that helps you remember something Causative Thinking - This happens, so this happens Ziggurat - “to build on raised area” temple/tower, 3,000 BCE, built to be homes for gods Cuneiform - “wedge shaped”- Latin Behistun Rock - Iran,-Had three writings of Persian on it Euhemerism - Reading myths as anthropological evidence Epic - Long narrative about events of global importance, has central character who is founder of city, influence of gods, hero’s descent to underworld, defeat of monsters, war, establishment of a nation. Kur - Sumerian hell described in Gilgamesh Anthropocentric - Centered around mankind Anthropomorphic - Gods that looked like human beings Agonistic - Defined by struggle and power, prove worth Harrowing of Hell - Jesus spent three days in hell, helping people out
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