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Joe Wallace Com 113 Speech outline Introduction 1. When I was in high school playing my first varsity baseball game I got a ground ball at second base and I proceeded to get hit right in the nuts and I wasn’t wearing a cup and I had to laying on the field for a good 5 min. But it didn’t stop me. 2. I am here to tell you why baseball is the best sport there is to play 3. It is by far the most relaxing sport. There is not the most amount of physical activity. And the rewards are some of the best. Body 1. Baseball is like no other sport because it is one of the only ones I know of that you can actually have a meal while you are playing a. Wheat thins in the dug out. Seeds, hot dogs, I have seen it all. 2. Another thing about baseball that is so great is that you can actually fail way more
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Unformatted text preview: times than you succeed and be considered a great player a. .300 batting average, hall of fame, all-star, etc. 3. Everyone knows that the baseball players pull all the ladies. It’s hard to resist guys in tight pants. a. Whatever your into. But seriously baseball is one of the most challenging sports to succeed in which makes it so fun to play. Conclusion 1. Judging from all of my great points I don’t think there is any doubt why baseball is indeed the best sport to play 2. Now you know which sport to have your kids play if you want them to have fun and have fun with girls. 3. Baseball- make sure and wear a cup...
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