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Com Speech - -The speech came at one of Americas darkest...

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Joe Wallace Com 113 Speech Outline Outline - The Location, Lincoln Monument and the fact that there were at lease 250,000 people in attendance. - Such a march in our nations capital had a huge effect on a lot of people all over the country. - Got more people involved in the fight for equality. People wanted to be apart of it, black and white - Established a strong position on the matter showing the country demonstrations wouldn’t stop until equality was brought to everyone - It was a call for change and it brought hope into a lot of peoples minds making their fight to stop injustice that much more worthwhile. -This speech is remembered as one of the greatest speeches of all time for many reasons.
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Unformatted text preview: -The speech came at one of Americas darkest times as a nation with so much hatred and inequality between whites and blacks.-It effected and influenced so many people at one time.-Martin Luther King represented all the great qualities of a leader and was and still is the face of the civil rights movement.- All that he did for African Americans at the time by uniting them and urging them to fight for what they believed in-MLK gave his life fighting for what he felt was right and he displayed this passion in this speech...
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