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Corporations - makes them resort to anything to do so These...

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Joe Wallace English 102 Professor Walker The Corporation The movie we started in class was very eye opening even thought I had seen it before last year in high school. One thing I noticed is how many corporations are contributing to the number of jobs being lost to foreign peoples. I wonder if there is a way we can try and keep those jobs for only American citizens, or if that would be too devastating to the companies themselves. Many of the companies do not care at all for the workers who are making these products at such low wages. However, if they didn’t do the manufacturing outside of the country, they would no longer be able to sell their products to Americans at such affordable prices. Many of the Corporations featured in the movie have one goal in mind, which is to make money and in most cases they will do anything to bring in a large profit. I begin to wonder if there is too much pressure put on these companies to bring in a profit which
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Unformatted text preview: makes them resort to anything to do so. These companies work so hard to make as much money as possible that they fire employees just because it will be more economically efficient. We do live in a capitalist society where it is all about making money and these corporations may just be doing exactly what people think makes this country so great. Another strong point in the video was how much damage these corporations do to our environment. One thing I still do not understand is why the government does not take more action in preventing this destruction. It seems that these companies dump their waste for someone else do deal with killing the environment and in the end maybe ending up with an easily payable fine. As long as the government allows these corporations to get away with this, our environmental issue will just continue to grow....
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