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Current Issue Report - Wallace 1 Radio Frequency...

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Wallace 1 Radio Frequency Identification Joe Wallace 2/10/09 IS 301 Funkhouser
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Wallace 2 Technological change is the way to the future. Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is an emerging technology whose roots stem from World War II (The History). As with most emerging technologies, RFID is currently incurring large-scale commercialization and has the potential to be a true watershed event in the history of innovation and technological change, particularly with respect to supply chain management. RFID emerged as a technique to identify whether planes were friend or foe (IFF). In particular, the Germans found that if “pilots rolled their planes as they returned to base, it would change the radio signal reflected back” (The History). This method was the first passive RFID system. RFID’s main purpose is to identify people or objects. Radio Frequency Identification has evolved significantly from its conception in World War II. A typical RFID system is characterized by three components: a transponder (or tag), an antenna (or reader), and a data collection application (or transceiver with decoding capabilities), thus eliminating the need for human intervention (Brown). Depending on the type of transponder—passive or aggressive—the data collection application on a computer is able to extract information about an object from its tag such as its location and even its current state. This type of information is especially relevant to supply chain management, product tracking, and theft prevention (Myerson). RFID can prevent theft by reading a tag and relaying the appropriate information to
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Current Issue Report - Wallace 1 Radio Frequency...

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