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English Essay #3

English Essay #3 - Joe Wallace English 101 Professor Wilson...

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Joe Wallace English 101 10/17/07 Professor Wilson A True American Hero In every Major League Baseball stadium around the United States, the number 42 is immortalized, reminding everyone of the great Jackie Robinson. For those who do not know, Jackie Robinson was the first black baseball player to ever play for a Major League team. Robinson first broke into the league in 1947, a time in which nearly everything in America was segregated. When it came to bathrooms, drinking fountains, hotels, and restaurants, the two races would seemingly never be equal. Everyone was up in arms about the new “negro” player putting his mark on baseball. Players and fans displayed their hatred toward Robinson equally, making Jackie the athletic poster boy of the civil rights movement and push for equality. However, when Branch Rickey, the bold vice president of the Brooklyn Dodgers took a historical leap and signed Jackie Robinson to a player’s contract, America would never be the same from that point forward. Different sports all across the nation would be affected by Jackie’s entrance to play America’s pastime at the highest level. People all across America, including fellow teammates, were in uproar about the news of the new black ball player. Jackie would grow to be the target of brutal criticism and harassment while becoming the face of a struggling black community striving for equality. Jackie conducted himself with grace on the field, while pitchers intentionally
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threw the ball at him and fans harassed and verbally abused him. He had to deal with
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English Essay #3 - Joe Wallace English 101 Professor Wilson...

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