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Joe Wallace English 101 Progress Report Professor Wilson Progress Report So far in the class I feel I have made significant improvements in my writing compared to last year. My papers seem to flow a lot better than they have in the past and I have worked hard in order to improve upon that. I like how the class is set up in that we have different types of essays to write. I have never written in any of the formats we have thus far and I’m really enjoying the experience. It gives us a chance to look at papers from a different angle and I think it has helped me relate to my essays better. At the moment I am working on my profile on Jackie Robinson. He is a very big influence on so many people and has left a legacy that is unmatched by any other athlete. He is a
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Unformatted text preview: hero in my and so many other’s eyes and the equality we see today is due in large part to what he worked and fought for. I am proud of the previous two papers I have written and I think with a little more work I can make them even better. Many of the assignments we get in class I find fairly manageable except for that library assignment of course. Many of the assigned readings we have are very helpful because most of them are in the format we are writing our essays on at that moment and it is great to have a first hand example to look at. Those readings help to give me ideas about how to go about writing my paper and what techniques to use. All in all I think the class is going well and I’m looking forward to improving upon my final papers...
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