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ESS 160 Outlines - Joseph Wallace ESS 160 Professor Romeo...

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Joseph Wallace ESS 160 Professor Romeo 4/3/11 Discussion Outlines Slides Outline -NCAA is a private association based solely in the US - Consists of public and private colleges across the United States -NCAA has Three Divisions D1- (D1-A), (D1-AA), (D1-AAA) 334 schools DII- 282 Schools DIII- 419 Schools -Divisions are number of programs a school has and the money spent on their programs The three main purposes if the NCAA are as follows… 1. Strives in its ICA programs for regional and national prominence 2. Sponsors at the highest feasible level the spectator-oriented, income producing sports of football and basketball 3. Strive to finance their ICA programs from revenues generated by the program itself. -NCAA attempts to maintain an environment where student athlete’s activities are an integral part of their educational experience. -NCAA also maintains an environment of amateurism, as there will be no participation from professionals. -NCAA is an outside governing body that attempts to limit the time commitment placed on athletes to ensure they are getting a quality education. The Division II and III philosophies are different and as follows… 1. Pursue and encourage broad S-A participation by maximizing number and variety of opportunities 2. Serve the participants rather than the spectators or general public 3. Do not mention revenue at all within their philosophy statements ICA Conferences are groups of colleges that agree to compete on a similar level with comparable academic standards. i.e. PAC 10, SEC, BIG 12
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Article 1 Women’s sports enter NCAA arena - The NCAA was created in 1906, which focused on the young men who played, never including women - 1972 with the passing of Title IX women’s sports became a part of the Association - 1922-The NCAA had discussed women in sport at its annual Convention led by D.W. Morehouse, acting president of Drake University and NCAA delegate pointing out that
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ESS 160 Outlines - Joseph Wallace ESS 160 Professor Romeo...

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