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4 core values of indigeneity : relationship, responsibility, reciprocity, redistribution Indigenous perspectives : help create dialogic space, show non-indig society how we are interconnected, strong individ=strong groups, underscore dynamic inclusicity “Peoples” refers to all indigenous tribes and NA, broad spectrum “Culturicidal”- separation of cultures of NA, kill off of culture Gaming Revenues- 2000 = 11 billion 2007 = 26 billion Ecuador - North of Peru, South of Columbia, Amazon basin, 7-20% of pop are indig, forms of discrimination and at bottom of socioeconomic ladder, land scarcity, high infant mortality rates, malnutrition, environment damage and deforestation, resistance is difference in implementation of neoliberalism in Ecuador “Crude”- refers to natural unrefined oil, dripping of blood, treating with disrespect Evo Morales- Bolivian President since 2005, indig leader, critic of U.S. foreign policy “Neoliberalism” approach to economic and social policy that stresses efficiency in
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