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Health Care Poli Sci

Health Care Poli Sci - buy insurance The plan offers a...

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Joseph Wallace Professor Noori Poli Sci 9/22/09 Health Care Plan The new health care system that is being proposed would change the system significantly from what it is today. If one already has health insurance, there will be laws that prevent insurance companies from dropping your coverage when people are sick and need it most. It will eliminate extra charges for mammograms, flu shots, diabetes tests, which will save money. It also will prevent out of pocket expenses when people get sick they don’t go broke trying to pay for it. If one doesn’t have health insurance, this plan makes it easier to get it. It will create a new marketplace that will allow people without insurance to get plans at competitive low prices. It will provide tax credits to help people
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Unformatted text preview: buy insurance. The plan offers a public health insurance option, which provides the uninsured and those who can’t afford it a real option. Finally, the plan will not add a dollar to the deficit and will be paid for upfront. It will create an independent commission of doctors and experts to identify waste, fraud, and abuse in the health care system. This plan in my mind is a step up from the one we have in place at the moment. It gives the American people a chance to all have health care and be protected. It also attempts to save money and eliminate fraud, which is also very important when dealing with health care. This plan seems like a much better option than what is going on now and hopefully it will indeed do all it says it will....
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