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Hist outline - #1 Intro The womens movement was a crucial...

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#1 Intro The women’s movement was a crucial part of progressivism, and one of it s most imperative questions was how women could obtain equality with men and reform a society dominated by them. The progressive movement addressed the problems of urban industrialism and the substandard living and working conditions it produced. At this tie industrialization redefined the very concepts of work and home similar to those of domestic ideology limiting the freedoms of women. The advocacy for women’s suffrage was met with much resistance during the late 19 th and early 20 th centuries. However, beginning with the Seneca Falls convention in 1848 and following up through World War I, voting equality caused much stir within American politics and urged society to integrate women into the public sphere. Progressive era Social Darwinism Reassertion of manliness Stanton-“solitude of self” -Very radical view wanted total equality -Property rights, credit in market place, political equality-believed that in order to be self- sufficient women must have these rights. -Every person is dependent on self -Not only did she challenge domestic ideology with this radical view but also she made least persuasive argument according to progressive ideals. -Break private sphere completely to be self-sufficient -Progressive: threatened the reassertion to manliness, rationalization- too far extreme. Addams-“Why women should vote” -Had completely different view that advocated her support for female’s suffrage with in values of domesticity. -She didn’t discriminate against race/ethnicity and talks about how women from other countries are appalled by the disease and unsanitary conditions. -Her argument embraced domestic ideology -Men didn’t understand basic needs that women provide without hesitation -Need to give women vote so they could fix problems and get back to concentrating on providing their men with clean, healthy, and tidy house holds they insisted upon? -Strongest argument -Spoke out to humanitarian, conservationism aspect of progressive era by her belief in its necessary for mankind to improve environment and conditions of life…concerned for future generations -Didn’t challenge reassertion of manliness -Maybe some didn’t agree with her acceptance of race. Belle Kearney-“the south and women suffrage” -Typified racist appeals for women suffrage -White women more educated than blacks and immigrants -Believes there should be a literacy test where people must keep up with march of progression. -Class that doesn’t measure strength will prove inferior not fit to survive -Although incredibly racist, progressive era was highly pro discrimination -In this way her arguments appealed to the extreme progressives because she refers to social Darwinism, makes references to Anglo-Saxon superiority. .relied on scientific proof that blacks were inferior and rationalized these ideas through beliefs of social Darwinism.
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Hist outline - #1 Intro The womens movement was a crucial...

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