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Joseph Wallace Hist 202 Professor Kornblau 3/1/10 A New Corporate Order Tape Review The Main Theme of the video was the explosion of the Industrial Revolution in the United States and how it transformed how America ran. After the boom of the industrial revolution due to the United State’s untapped resources and availability of land for expansion, America became a world power. The nations economy was thriving and this brought about huge opportunity for wealth. Powerful figures in the different industries gained strong holds on the American economy and even political system. Figures like Andrew Carnegie, JP Morgan, and Rockefeller took advantage of the rapidly growing economy. There was a huge movement into cities and urban life during this
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Unformatted text preview: time due to the amount of jobs in the factories in the city. Huge waves of immigrants flocked to America’s shores in search of new opportunity in the big cities. Although there was new opportunity for work for anyone who wanted it in these cities, there were problems in the factories. Many women and young children were being employed and taken advantage of in the horrible work conditions these factories offered. However, with this exploitation came a call for change. Labor unions began to come about during this time in an effort to protect workers of all ages and genders. This time period was one of incredible growth and development for the United States and molded us into the world power that we are today....
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